Allen Miller

Allen Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Office: 213-542-2234
Cell: 310-386-5812

Allen Miller is the Principal and CEO of COPE Health Solutions. With over 25 years of experience providing health system and payor value based payment strategy and transformation consulting services, Mr. Miller has led the planning and implementation of IDNs, IPAs, and ACOs throughout the U.S.

More recently, Mr. Miller has focused on facilitating and implementing long-term payor/provider partnerships that go beyond the typical capitation and global risk models. These innovative collaborations are focused on reducing total cost of care and improving the total premium and other revenue needed to fund profitability and ongoing infrastructure investment. Under Mr. Miller’s leadership, COPE Health Solutions and its subsidiary Analytics for Risk Contracting (ARC) LLC have become the preeminent go-to solutions companies for health systems and health plans committed to leadership roles in population health management for all lines of business.

COPE Health Solutions complements its consulting services with the largest health care talent pipeline in the country, known as COPE Health Scholars, providing a unique health care training experience to over 5,000 students annually in over 25 hospital and ambulatory sites throughout California, Washington State and Hawaii. Mr. Miler and his team are consistently on the cutting edge of work to implement new health care policy, including federal demonstrations and state waivers across the country, by partnering with providers and payors to transform fragmented, acute care “un-systems” of delivery into coordinated systems of care focused on improving the health of populations, while enhancing efficiency and aligning financial incentives.

A graduate of UCLA, both for his Bachelors of Science and his Masters of Public Health in Health Services, Mr. Miller also completed an intensive on International Business at Oxford University in England.