Rapid Response Staff Training

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Immediate, scalable, turn-key training

During a time of crisis, hospitals and health systems are required to begin implementing emergency disaster plans to support patients and communities while strengthening their workforce. Mitigating risks to patients, staff and communities requires training and deploying individuals in various areas to help support the current and expected increase in workforce needs during the crisis.

COPE Health Solutions has deep experience and demonstrated success in training non-licensed staff to help support patient care and address workforce needs within hospitals and health systems. These customized training programs can repurpose staff (e.g., accountants, unit assistants, etc.), volunteers and other individuals to provide in person and remote support and decrease the workload on registered nurses and other licensed professionals, enabling them to have more time to do tasks requiring their license.

Hospitals and health care systems can utilize non-licensed, repurposed or newly trained staff to address workforce challenges. Upon completing training, the staff can assist in the following areas outside and inside the health system.

  • Telehealth
  • In-Home Support
  • Supply Chain
  • Nutrition Services
  • Patient Support
  • Navigation


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