Advanced Performance Improvement

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Targeting strategic, tactical and operational excellence and building the foundations for continuous improvement.

By integrating the leading performance improvement methodologies — Lean and Six Sigma, among others — we are able to apply the most appropriate toolset in partnership with our clients to improve efficiency, outcomes and patient satisfaction while decreasing costs.

Our team is experienced in the successful application of Performance Improvement methodologies across a broad spectrum of health care operations. Our expertise has enabled us to help clients to achieve measurable and marked improvements, including:

  • Improved clinical outcomes and reduced readmissions
  • Decreased turnaround time and increased throughput
  • Defect and waste reduction
  • Improvements in resource utilization
  • Reduced costs

Recognizing that sustainability and long-term Performance Improvement requires systematic changes, our strength and differentiator is our experience in not only leading the improvement initiatives but also training employees in the tools and methodologies, while simultaneously providing hands-on coaching throughout the project.


Our Approach


  • Data analysis
  • Observations
  • 1:1 stakeholder discussions/interviews
  • Measurement system analysis


  • Kaizen event to redesign process
  •  Standardization of processes


  • Implementation of training and new processes

Our goal is to help your team become less reliant on external resources by providing real-time application support and facilitation of deeper learning of the tools and methodologies. We have extensive experience in the development and implementation of continuous improvement programs from end-to-end for Lean, Six Sigma, and Advanced Process Improvement, including defining the right organizational structure governance, training and developing subject matter resources development, ensuring alignment to strategic goals, and building the right organizational culture to promote continuous improvement.

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