Financial Planning

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Ensuring data-driven financial planning.

To setup new organizations requires a keen understanding of what the right funds flow strategy is for you. For clients considering executing risk-based structures or requiring support in developing a new contracting strategy, our team of experts can help. We offer a wide variety of tactical advisory services including building MSO/IPA financial models to help understand opportunities and costs for build/buy decision around population health management, MSO and care management services.


Our Approach

COPE Health Solutions utilize available data and industry benchmarks to develop models that help clients assess their readiness for risk-based arrangements and financial planning. Our models assess medical costs, member utilization patterns, potential saving opportunities, as well as critical success factors to develop strategies that will allow clients to be financially sustainable in the risk-bearing environment.

Pro forma development:

  • Current medical spend and utilization patterns
  • Managed care contract and Division of Financial Responsibility (DOFR) experience assessment
  • Physician incentive structure
  • Assumptions validation and review
  • External benchmark data resources adaptation if applicable
    Pro forma model development with adjustable variables to help understand costs and opportunities
  • Recommendations for further enhancements to risk-bearing strategy, contracting, performance-based contracts

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