International Courses

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Preparing well-versed global practitioners with a diversified knowledge of health care.

In an increasingly interconnected world, the need to be culturally aware and sensitive to differences in our approach to patient care is relevant and significant.

We provide unparalleled experiential and didactic educational opportunities for international students and health care professionals in U.S. health care facilities fostering learning and development globally.

Our program exposes students and professionals to our health care system while allowing them to identify gaps and opportunities to improve their nation’s health system through training and education.

Through lectures and observational opportunities, participants explore the challenges facing all health care practitioners and patients.

Participants gain valuable health care knowledge and experience that will prepare them to become well-versed practitioners and return home with a diversified knowledge of health care and a list of best practices that could be applied in their country.


Our Approach

  •  Tailored clinical and non-clinical competency training and curriculum development


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