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Keeping populations safe.

As the country considers options and preparedness to reopen our economic, social and cultural systems, an army of contact tracers and epidemiologic specialists will be required to document, map and advise on the spread of Covid-19. States are taking different approaches based on their abilities to resource and staff the huge volume of roles that need to be filled.

In addition to a massive recruitment, screening, and hiring effort, states are tasked with managing an increased workforce, establishing management and operational structures to support these staff and identifying training, monitoring and evaluation programs to ensure that the programs remain effective as they scale.

COPE Health Solutions can help organizations develop and deploy a contact tracing program. Our firm has a rich history of partnering with health systems, payors and states across the country to solve large-scale problems for more than 20 years. We are known for our expertise, rapid start-up, side-by-side implementation and operations commitment and success in achieving measurable outcomes.


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