“Using its years of population health management experience and Analytics for Risk Contracting, LLC, Montefiore’s Care Management company found opportunities to reduce single-day admissions, admissions for end stage renal disease, improve in-network referral, and reduce overall cost of specialty care.”

-Stephen Rosenthal, President, Care Management Company, a subsidiary of Montefiore Health System

“COPE Health Solutions is aligned with my organization’s mission and values. They are a partner to me to improve the health of our members and to improve the workforce of the future. COPE feels like an altruist partner that is helping me be a better leader and better organization.”

-Bob Blair, Chief Administrative Officer at Southern California Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Permanente

“COPE Health Solutions brings a level of interest and energy that’s very different from any other consulting firms (who are not necessarily in the business but are doing consulting). It’s nice to have a consultant who is actually in the business of how do you deliver better health care, giving guidance and advice, as you’re developing your strategies both on the payer side and on the care delivery side.”

-Dr. Bridgette Wiefling, Rochester Regional Health System

“COPE Health Solutions can actually create a training program in addition to certify the non-clinical staff to be able to conduct day-to-day operations, from physician offices to an IPA or even on a health plan level.”

-Frank Vo, Sr. Director Program Management at Cognizant Technology Solutions

“COPE Health Solutions successfully engaged stakeholders to launch a national, multi-site comparative effectiveness research study, and [it continues] to provide critical project management support and leadership to the project.”

-Daniella Meeker

“The COPE Health Solutions program at St. Mary’s Medical Center has greatly improved both staff and patient satisfaction! The Clinical Care Extenders are caring individuals that assist in patient care – including sitting with a lonely patient. The staff love the support of the Clinical Care Extenders I bring to the unit.”

-Pamela Fair, St. Mary Medical Center

“For fourteen years, the COPE Clinical Care Extenders working at Hoag have enhanced the patient quality significantly. I will attest that every Clinical Care Extender who has come through our program has been an immense asset and has always been very interested in patient care and furthering their own education. The majority of these have been either pre-nursing or pre-med students, and I have taken great delight in adding to their clinical experience. Thus it is a great program for both the mentor and Clinical Care Extenders. I have found them to be extremely well educated, of very high IQ, and of excellent honor. I’m delighted to have a Clinical Care Extender at all times in my practice of neurosurgery and Gamma Knife radiosurgery.”

-Christopher Duma, MD, FACS, Brain and Spine Surgeon, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

“[Health Scholar] is an excellent addition to our hospitals. The [pipeline] offers clinical support to the staff and are always willing to assist with facility-wide events. They are motivated and integrate themselves well into our team. We are extremely appreciative of all their work.”

-John Bibby, VP of Human Resources, St. John’s Regional Medical Center / Pleasant Valley Hospital

“COPE Health Solutions played an integral role in the successful implementation and use of a new referral system and specialty care process that is used by safety net providers across Los Angeles County called eConsult. The team participated as workflow engineers, bringing expertise and experience from the field in a collaborative effort to make eConsult the success it is today.”

-Sajid Ahmed, Former Director, Health Information Technology and Innovation at L.A. Care

“COPE Health Solutions helped our hospital and physician leaders create a new strategic direction and transformative implementation strategy.”

-Robert Curry, CEO, Citrus Valley Health Partners