Esteban Campa

Senior Program Manager

Esteban Campa, MS, joined COPE Health Solutions in March 2019 as a Program Manager in Bakersfield. In this role, Mr. Campa will oversee the operations and growth of the newly launched Health Scholar program. He currently is a Senior Program Manager.

Prior to this role, Mr. Campa has five years of experience working in the non-profit setting developing and implementing university-outsourced community-based physical activity and health educations programs. Mr. Campa brings his expertise in program management of student-led experiential learning opportunity programs. As a program manager, he developed and directed programs coordinated by a large cadre of students that aided underserved communities from the San Fernando Valley to South Los Angeles.

Mr. Campa is a graduate from California State University Northridge where he earned both his Bachelor and Master of Science in Kinesiology degrees with emphases in community programming and education.

Mr. Campa aspires to create valuable experiential opportunities for future health care professionals by leveraging his military, academic and personal life experiences.