Jonathan Thunstrom

Program Manager

Cell: 213-703-2992

Jonathan Thunstrom Joined COPE Health Solutions in July 2020 as Program Manager for the COPE Health Scholar and Junior Health Scholar programs at Swedish Medical Centers in Seattle, Washington. In his current role, he is responsible for the development of the Scholars Program, including overseeing program operations, training new scholars and providing professional development opportunities for scholars as they begin their exploration of the health care field.

Prior to joining COPE Health Solutions, he was enrolled in the Health Scholars program for over three years at Swedish Medical center in Seattle, Washington. During his time as a Health Scholar, Mr. Thunstrom served as a Project Coordinator and transitioned  to the executive team as Assistant Director of Projects overseeing the Lobby and Mentorship projects. In June of 2019 Mr. Thunstrom transitioned into a role of Health Scholar Assistant at Swedish Medical Center where he facilitated improvements in program operations, scholar and leadership engagement and general operations.

Mr. Thunstrom completed his undergraduate education at the University of Washington with a bachelor’s in Physiology. Mr. Thunstrom strives to provide opportunities and guidance for students to grow professionally and gain valuable insight to the workings of the health care field.