Jessica Faragallah

Program Manager

Faragallah joined COPE Health Solutions in July of 2019 as a Program Manager. She managed the COPE Health Scholars program at St. John’s Regional Medical Center and St. John’s Pleasant Valley Hospital until June 2020 and currently manages the Mission Hospital Health Scholar program. Mrs. Faragallah’s role includes managing day-to-day operations for the Health Scholar program while engaging students in workforce, leadership and professional development. Mrs. Faragallah has a broad background of management in higher education and the health care industry.

Prior to joining COPE Health Solutions, Mrs. Faragallah was a part of the COPE Health Scholars program at St. John’s for two and half years during her undergraduate career. During her time as a Health Scholar, she was the Director of Departmental Operations and the Health Scholar Assistant. Mrs. Faragallah completed over 1000 hours in the program to give back to her community and has also mentored her peers. She contributed to streamlining daily operations by implementing rounding tools to create a better liaison between the program’s Leadership Team and hospital staff. Mrs. Faragallah has facilitated workforce development trainings at multiple sites across California, preparing pre-health students to begin their journey in health care. She has also contributed to the education development for regional trainings across Washington, California and Hawaii.

Mrs. Faragallah earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University, Channel Islands and her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Saybrook University. She is currently a Doctor of Philosophy candidate in Clinical Psychology at Saybrook University. Mrs. Faragallah is an aspiring educator of mental health and its implications in medicine and the holistic treatment of patients. Mrs. Faragallah is passionate about diversity in higher education and equality in the workforce.