Gabriella Martinez

Program Coordinator

Gabriella Martinez joined COPE Health Solutions as a Program Coordinator in May 2021. Ms. Martinez, a central valley native, brings her expertise of the region to assist management of the Medical Assistant and Health Scholar programs at Adventist Health Central Valley Network. She aims to develop a strong health care workforce within rural communities in central California.

Prior to COPE Health Solutions, Ms. Martinez spent two years working in a non-profit dedicated to quality health care coverage, known as California Coverage & Health Initiatives. There, she worked on outreach and enrollment projects with community-based organizations and health providers across the state. With her time spent in this collaborative she developed a background in the scope of coverage of Medicaid and Medicare. In addition, she helped transform their existing Health Access Assister program to an online platform. While working on this program, she certified hundreds of health and social service professionals as Health Access Assisters. Being able to engage with various health care providers, stakeholders, and policy advocates allowed her to bridge the importance of health equity and access to services.

Her work and education experience shaped her dedication to the Central Valley and other disadvantaged communities in California. She believes these populations have hidden potential when given proper investment.

Ms. Martinez earned her Bachelor of Science in Community and Regional Development with an emphasis in Policy, Planning and Social Services. She is a certified Health Access Assister.