Lewis Baez


Cell: 646-629-9279

Lewis Baez is the Director of Client Data Analytics at COPE Health Solutions. Mr. Baez has over 10 years of experience leading and designing complex health care analytics and providing data strategy support to payors and providers. He provides expertise in the areas of structuring and executing analytics designed to evaluate epidemiological trends, treatment protocols, reimbursement practices, financial forecasting and modeling, the effectiveness of health policies and health interventions, healthcare access and outcomes, and cost and utilization, among others.

Prior to joining COPE Health Solutions, LLC, Mr. Baez was an Assistant Vice President at Healthcare Finance Group, LLC, where he developed financial models which informed client funding decisions. Mr. Baez also held a leadership position as a Data Analytics Manager at McKesson Health Solutions where he supported enterprise-wide analytics reporting and managed the overall data integrity of the Clinical Claims Management benchmark data warehouse.

Most recently, Mr. Baez was the Director of Client Analytics at FAIR Health, Inc. where he worked with clients on a consultative basis to develop custom tailored analytic solutions and translated them into business requirements and deliverables. Through his tenure he has designed and developed multiple multidisciplinary longitudinal and non-longitudinal studies.

Overall, Mr. Baez has extensive experience with data management and acquisition, analytic design, financial forecasting and modeling, quantitative analysis, and developing innovative solutions to support a wide range of applications. Mr. Baez earned his Bachelor of Science in Business, specializing in Business Finance, from the State University of New York at New Paltz.