Mergers and Acquisitions

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Choosing the right partners.

Consolidation and acquisitions continue to flourish across health care and show no signs of abating in the near term. Rising inpatient volume pressure, increasing drug, labor and supply chain costs continue to force organizations to look at partnerships or even divestures to help protect margins. At the same time, new strategic partnerships and alignments are forming across providers, payers, pharma and other suppliers.

COPE Health Solutions helps organizations in the mergers and acquisitions process, as well as with strategic alignment and long-term partnership opportunities that fall short of consolidation. Our team of seasoned experts support clients in developing a set of criteria that will help them to choose the right partners and ensure success after the partnership is finalized. We understand that choosing the right partner is critical in the longer journey to comprehensive value-based care.


Our Approach

  • Help providers, payers and suppliers develop clear objectives for a merger, acquisition, divestiture or strategic alignment opportunity – define success post-deal
  • Understand the other party’s business goals and objectives and ensure that the proposed deal will support those goals and objectives for a win-win
  • Model financial impact of a successful deal and various potential scenarios
  • Support execution of the deal itself and post-deal implementation as required, including new business formation, interim leadership and operations, restructuring, execution and contracting

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Who Benefits When Insurers Consolidate?

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