Estefany Puente

Program Manager

Estefany Puente first joined COPE Health Solutions in December 2019. As a Health Care Workforce Coordinator (Health Scholar Assistant), Ms. Puente is involved in the management and operations of the Health Scholar program at California Hospital Medical Center (CHMC) in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Ms. Puente also provides support in operations related to internal workforce development projects.

Prior to joining COPE Health Solutions, Ms. Puente participated in the Health Scholar program at CHMC for three years. As a Health Scholar, Ms. Puente contributed over 1,000 hours to the program. In addition, Ms. Puente joined the Leadership Team as an Administrative Coordinator then transitioned into the Executive Team as an Assistant Director of Administration. Ms. Puente later became the sites’ first Director of Administration. As an Executive Leader, Ms. Puente oversaw the implementation and development of improved auditing systems.

Ms. Puente completed her undergraduate education at California State University, Los Angeles. While completing her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with a minor in Biology, she participated in Biophysiological Research, where she assisted in the development of a protocol that would allow for the collection of data. The data collected in this research was in reference to brain oxidation in the frontal lobe during exercise with the incorporation of virtual stimulation. The ultimate goal of this research was to prove that with virtual stimulation during exercise there is an increase in blood flow in the brain which would benefit those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.