Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC +)

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Primary care as your primary strategy.

Primary Care is a core driver of any effective population health strategy. Building on the fundamentals of the primary care medical home model, the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) provides practices with the appropriate resources to:

  • Reduce variation and fragmentation within practice teams
  • Align better with payors while being rewarded for improved care
  • Support more effective management protocols for chronic conditions


Our Approach

To be successful within the CPC+ model, practices need a good understanding of their own infrastructure and ability to handle resource-heavy cases. While the CPC+ model offers three payment elements to incentivize better management of patients’ health, knowing how to setup the right cost structure while leveraging these payment elements for better care is the biggest determination of a practice’s success.

At COPE Health Solutions, our team will lead assessments and strategic planning to:

  • Advise on how to set up your systems for improved population health management
  • Devise the most appropriate contracting methodology for your environment
  • Develop a robust sustainability plan as you look to grow and scale your operations

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