Truly Aligning Physician Compensation Is Key to Succeeding at Value-Based Care

If you’ve invested in population health staffing, resources and services but are still struggling to lower costs and improve care, you should look at your physician compensation models. The failure to appropriately compensate primary care physicians for managing populations and total cost of care remains a major obstacle to transforming care delivery, costs, and revenues.

In the push for population health management and risk contracting, many health systems tout physician engagement but invest in care management and other services that mostly working around, not with, primary care providers. Read the companion article, Redesigning Care Models from a Provider’s Perspective, for ways to better integrate providers into more effective and efficient care teams.

The December 2021 article in the Journal of America’s Physician Group, Aligning Physician Compensation: The Final Mile for Value-Based Care, explains the current shortcoming of physician compensation programs and describes the key elements of compensation programs that truly align physicians to deliver value-based care.


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