Take These Two Steps Now to Address Workforce Burnout

In the recent Modern Healthcare article “Addressing healthcare worker burnout as another COVID-19 fall nears,” COPE Health Solutions Principal and Workforce Development Expert Elizabeth DuBois offers immediate actions providers can take to address some of the healthcare workforce’s acute pain while putting in place procedures and programs that take a strategic, longer-term approach to managing burnout.

Two steps to take right now:

1. Keep a pulse on burnout levels

It’s important for employers to understand the level and reasons for burnout at their organizations, then take steps to decrease it. Higher rates of turnover, absences and tardiness and a decrease in overall professionalism can all be burnout indicators.

Organizations can create a baseline and keep a pulse on the situation using tools such as a weekly call surveys, one-on-one check-ins or having managers do rounds. These actions provide a regular assessment of burnout levels, show your workforce that you are concerned about their morale and well-being and help you determine which interventions are working and which are not.


2. Redistribute tasks

Strive to have everyone working to the top of their license. Reduce physician time stressors by leveraging registered nurses, licensed practical nurses or medical assistants. You can provide fast relief with rapid-deployment supplemental staffing as well. Kaiser Permanente quickly filled critical staffing gaps at several medical centers during the pandemic with COPE Health Scholars.


To learn more about healthcare worker burnout, read the complete article at Modern Healthcare (subscription required).

For workforce development advisory and implementation support, contact Elizabeth DuBois at edubois@copehealthsolutions.com.